Social Wifi – which allows restaurants to provide free Wifi for its customers and capture their information to market to them later – is a valuable marketing tool. Social Wifi is awesome for increasing customer loyalty. In fact, according to a study by Bain & Company, as little as a 5 percent increase in customer retention can increase profits between 25 and 95 percent. After information is collected with Social Wifi, restaurants can target emails and ads to customers who have been to their locations. The next logical question for a restaurant owner who decides he/she wants to try Social Wifi to increase customer loyalty is, which Social Wifi vendor should they go with?

There are several important factors to consider when choosing a Social Wifi vendor:

Customer Service

You want to make sure you choose a Social Wifi vendor that offers excellent customer service. What does excellent customer service mean? It means several things:

  • The customer service rep or owner is friendly and knows the answers to your questions, and, if not, will find out the answer ASAP.
  • The Social Wifi company is available during the hours you want them to be accessible. This may mean you want a company that is available after hours in case of an emergency.
  • They are accessible how you want to reach them – by phone, live chat on website or through social media.

Hardware Features

To provide Social Wifi at your restaurant, a Wifi router or system (to provide the free Wifi) and software (to capture the information for use later on) are necessary. (Go Wifi Social offers both router and software).

When deciding on a router (which may or may not come with the Social Wifi software provider):

  • Make sure you find out how many people can be using your system without slowing down the system significantly. You want to make sure all your customers are staying happy, and fast Wifi is part of the equation that makes customers happy. Some systems also let you specify how long someone can use the Wifi before he/she is dropped off.
  • Make sure it is encrypted. You want to make sure it is as secure as possible to prevent hacking. The last thing you want is your customers’ private information shared with the rest of the world.
  • Have a separate Guest network on your Wifi from your business Wifi. This is for security reasons – having them on the same network makes you more accessible to hackers.

Software Features

Social Wifi software is how you capture customers’ data for remarketing via ads and email marketing.

These are several questions to ask when choosing a software vendor:

  • What data does the software provide to the restaurant owner? Social Wifi software should at a minimum provide: email address, demographics and how often customers visit your restaurant.
  • Does the software include a custom landing page where customers will log in to your Wifi? This should allow you to include your own logo and terms and conditions.
  • Does the software allow you to export the data into an Excel file (or other type of file) to be easily used later for remarketing purposes?
  • Does the software integrate with payment systems such as Square and customer relationship management systems?


Pricing for Social Wifi vendors for restaurants runs the gamut depending on your needs. At Go Wifi Social, the investment is just $99/month, which includes the software and router.

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