When it comes to restaurant marketing, it’s all about making the customer – and potential customer – happy. You want that customer to return again and again – and again. There are several factors that restaurants need to master to make customers happy: delicious food, amazing service, great atmosphere – and free Wifi. The fact is that providing high-speed restaurant Wifi solutions means customers will increase both loyalty and spending.

Customers Expect Free Wifi

Customers have come to expect free, quality Wifi at restaurants, meaning it’s fast and it doesn’t drop off. Don’t bother offering slow Wifi – it’s not worth the time and money. If you don’t offer great Wifi, your customers will go somewhere else, especially entrepreneurs who spend a large part of the day on their laptops and smartphones. There are a number of restaurant Wifi solutions available, including Go Wifi Social. By attracting entrepreneurs, and others who have come to expect free Wifi, to your restaurant, they will stay in the restaurant longer, which means they will spend more and likely return another day.


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Free Wifi = Relevant Campaigns

Free Wifi will provide you with valuable data about your customers. They log in using a social media account, which means you will then be able to increase your social media following, and create loyalty programs, email and ad retargeting campaigns. When people receive offers that aren’t of interest to them, this turns them off. Potential customers are much happier when they receive ads that are appropriate for them, and restaurant owners are happy when they see a return on investment from their restaurant Wifi solutions.

Social Wifi ROI

When selecting a Social Wifi restaurant solution, it’s important to choose one that provides comprehensive demographic and behavioral data, such as age, gender and when customers are visiting your restaurant.

“Quantifying your return on investment in a multi-channel campaign is very difficult. Without a centralized system for analyzing results, you’ll have to go to multiple platforms to assess your data. On top of that, visitors who open an email or click on an ad won’t tell you if they took action and returned to your restaurant. By using a social WiFi platform that integrates with your guest wireless network you can compare who triggered an action online and whether they returned to your restaurant. This gives you an actual return of investment and closes the marketing loop,” according to “How to Leverage Social Wi-Fi Multi-Channel Marketing” in QSR magazine.